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Proof that ice and compression stops pain and swelling

When you have a soft tissue injury doctors recommend ice and compression (in addition to rest and elevation) for sprains, strains, arthritis, pre-surgery, and post-surgery healing.

When your doctor orders ice and compression, applying them at the same time and at the correct temperature produces the best results, and that is the genius behind the design of Cold One.

You can waste time and money trying worthless pills, remedies and gizmos that claim to help your injured joints and muscles work better and reduce pain and swelling. Why endure more days of suffering while wasting time and money trying things that don't work?  Check the science behind the claims  and you'll see many products are truly worthless junk that shouldn't even be on the market.

When buying any medical device always look for the repeatable double blind scientifically published studies to discover if there is any proof of the beneficial result marketers claim. Fortunately, there is plenty of proof of the value of ice and compression to stop pain and swelling.  That is why doctors recommend it as the first step of first aid for soft tissue injuries.

Here are some of many interesting double-blind studies proving the effectiveness of ice and compression as an aid in promoting healing while relieving pain, inflammation and swelling:

 Here's more about the brilliant design and manufacturing of Cold One products: