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Equine Hock, Hoof and Knee Ice Compression Wrap by Cold One®

  • $ 14750

Complete Icing of:

  • hock
  • hoof
  • knee

Equine cold compression therapy is critical to the health and care of your horse’s legs, hocks and hooves. Compression icing is a superior therapy in keeping muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue healthy.


Routine application of cold compression therapy wraps after schooling, a cross-country running or a horse showing event reduces swelling, aids tendonitis, bruises, bowed tendons, wind puffs, laminitus and connective tissue damage .


Treatment with cold compression wraps helps reduce pain, swelling and inflammation, reduces muscle damage and reduces heat.

Coldone Cold Compression wraps are sold in pairs, one wrap for left and one wrap for right. The nitrogen blown neoprene outer layer provides the compression which reduces swelling and drives the cold deep into tissue. The sewn in ice gels in the middle layer provides 15 to 20 minutes of “ice cold” which is the optimum amount of icing recommended by veterinarians. The rubberized linen inner layer prevents cryo shock to the skin. All Coldone Cold Compression wraps are fully adjustable for perfect fit and maximum coverage.

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Made in USA

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