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Plantar Fasciitis Ice pack

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Plantar Fasciitis Ice Pack by Cold One

  • $ 4995
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Stop Plantar Fascia Pain and Swelling With The Only Ice Compression Pack Made

  • Stops Plantar Fasciitis pain fast. Ice stops painful inflammation. Compression drives the cold deep within 15 minutes for near instant plantar fascia pain relief.
  • The wrap freezes in about 1 hour. Position to cover the sole close to the heel and tighten the straps to the desired compression.
  • Use the frozen wrap 2-3 times daily for chronic pain.
  • Best worn first thing in the morning, after work and before bed.
  • Made in USA. 100% satisfaction guaranteed
The Cold One® Wrap for Plantar Fasciitis provides tight, comfortable, coverage to the top and Lateral Side of the foot. By tightening the Velcro closures to the form and shape of your foot, you can control the compression which drives the cold deep into the painful and swollen soft tissues to stop pain and swelling.

The ice coverage of the wrap on the sole of your foot completely covers the entire Plantar Fascia. The neoprene and Velcro straps allow you to adjust compression on the heel end of the Plantar Fascia, which is the most common area of pain, and drives the cold deep into the painful areas. 

Plantar Fasciitis is particularly painful upon awakening in the morning. Those first few steps remind you of the problem.  Apply the frozen wrap for 15 minutes when you first get up.  

Most users also use the wrap in the afternoon when returning home for the day, and of course, just before retiring to improve sleep interrupted by foot or heel pain.

Place the Cold One® Plantar Fasciitis Ice Pack in your home freezer after every use so it is ready when next needed.   The ice cells are sewn into the wrap between the outer neoprene layer and the inner rubberized liner layer. The wrap will freeze in about 2 hours.

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