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Stop Knee Pain


Orthopedic Doctors and Clinics Recommend Ice To Control Knee Pain and Swelling.  ( Source: The Cleveland Clinic and The Mayo Clinic.)

Knees are the most common reported injuries with immediate symptoms of:
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Moderate to Severe Knee Instability
  • Loss of Function
  • Discoloration

There are a many possible reasons your knee may be hurting.    

Common reasons for knee pain include:

  • sprained ligaments
  • strained muscles or tendons
  • meniscus (cartilage) tears
  • tendonitis
  • runner's knee
  • arthritic knee

The knee is a complex joint, and there's plenty more that can go wrong. It is wise to see a doctor to get your particular knee issue correctly diagnosed. It is very important to avoid further injury, and nurse your knee back to health. Give your knee time to heal properly. Some knee injuries will require surgical intervention, but the vast majority can heal on their own.

Orthopedic MDs and Clinics  recommend the following home treatments for many common knee injuries not requiring surgery.

  • Rest your knee for a few days - avoid intense activity.
  • Ice - Reduce pain & swelling with ice 15 to 20 minutes every 3 to 4 hours, for 2 or 3 days (or until pain is gone)
  • Compress your knee. Compression helps reduce swelling.
  • Elevate your knee with a pillow under your heel when you're sitting or lying down to reduce swelling and throbbing.

Stop Knee Pain & Swelling

If you have knee pain, Ice and compression are what the doctor recommends.  Our Cold One® Knee wrap combines both in a proven, affordable, comfortable, and easy to use product.  

How Does The Wrap Work?

The wrap freezes in about 1 hour in a home freezer. The frozen wrap is applied to your swollen, sore knee and the compression adjusted.  After about 15 minutes the icing will be complete and pain diminished, however you can continue to wear the wrap to benefit from the compression which controls and reduces swelling.

  The Cold One® Knee wrap is especially designed to keep you in your game.  It delivers deep cold and compression at the same time, which lowers the temperature of those ligaments that hold your knee together resulting in immediate relief from pain, reduction of inflammation and swelling..  Try it, and you will be delighted at how quickly the pain stops and the swelling goes down.  Regular use really help many knee problems improve rapidly.

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